Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Photos of the spot in my head . . .

I finally got the MRI photos of the mysterious spot in my head. Here is the spot from two different angles. As you can see, it's right in the middle of my head. My neurologist wins the understatement of the year when he said, "It's not a good place to biopsy."


Anonymous said...

Hi Troy: I've been stopping by to visit for about a month now and I'm still not sure about a few of the things I've read in your blog. The MRI films of today's post are particularly puzzling to me. What is THAT spot that "is not in a good place?" Did you doc tell you what it was -- is it a new lesion in your MS or a tumor or what? Just the fact that it is not in a good operable place is devastating, but to not know what it is to be identified with (MS or tumor) makes it even moreso. I have a bunch of links on my blog and some may be of interest to you as a scientist. I too have MS (over 30 yrs now) and reached the pinnacle of my medical career and have just recently in June retired to Social Security Disability (which I associate with "giving in"). I hope you are feeling better soon. Exercising is key - walking is the best and on a fairly set schedule. Best wishes, Anne

Anonymous said...

PS. I went through Plasmapheresis in early MS years and it worked for about a week each time. It was accepted practice then and is not used as much nowadays. Infusions of SoluMedrol and prednisone taper is the accepted regiment for flares now.

I do not use any interferons because of personal convictions and I am following a diet and dietary supplements with RX meds for other stuff - Nexium for reflux, prozac,detrol, requip for restless leg syndrome, pain meds as needed, ativan for anxiety, a prednisone maintenance schedule, allegraD for sinus stuff,and a bunch of periodic rx meds for periodic appearances of other stuff associated with MS and life. LOL



Thanks for the comment on my blog and I have added you to the growing "list" of MS bloggers on the linked side bar...your blog now makes 103! I don't know if we should be "happy" about this fact or "alarmed"...LOL

Take care,

Linda D. in Seattle/BrainCheese