Thursday, September 27, 2007

All went well!

Yesterday I had my first infusion of Tysabri and it all went very well. I had no reaction at all to the medication which I think is a good thing. My wife came with and sat by me to keep me company and to help me (her support is invaluable.) I don't feel different than I did two days ago but from the material that I was given, I think that's a good thing. I feel hopeful about the future whereas before I was scared. I feel blessed to have been given hope.
I also had a PET scan yesterday. They injected me with radioactive sugar and then I lay very quietly while they ran me through a donut that looked much like the CAT scan one except much quieter. I didn't get to see the photos but I'm hopeful that they don't find anything interesting. It's a little funny that people who go to the hospital want to be exactly the same as everyone else while when people go to other places, they want to be seen as individualistic. My wife thinks that my body matches my personality in it's inability to blend in. I've decided to consider it a compliment.

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CC said...

Congrats on your first infusion. It's a scary transition but once I had all the facts (the real facts and not the hysterical facts) it was a no brainer. Interferons made me feel worse than the MS. I have just had my third infusion and notice improvement. No more tingling or numbness!