Friday, July 6, 2007

I continue to read the blogs of other bloggers with MS, Living With MS - had several good resources to consider. One is the role of exercise in the progression of MS. She mentions yoga as an very useful and gives a couple of links. They have yoga classes here at HRL but I've always been a little nervous about going to them. Probably I should get over my anxiety and just try it out. She is also quite vocal about Tysabri which had initial PML scares but, as she points out, is a good choice for a first line of defense against MS.
She gives a link to some good reading material.


herrad said...

hello troy
found you via merelyme's blog, i have added yours to my links and will be reading it often.
take care.

Shukmadeekash Gugel-Curry said...

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wyrzymlak said...

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