Monday, July 9, 2007

A good weekend . .

This past weekend was quite good. Although my right side (right hand joints and right ankle) continue to hurt (going on 2 weeks now), I didn't overdo like I do most weekends and I was able to go to church on Sunday and have a very good day at church. On Saturday I helped move dirt for the terraces that we are putting into the back of our property. The kids and I were able to move quite a bit before I was so hot that I knew I needed to go in. They continued to work on it after I left and I made everyone some yummy burritos for lunch/dinner.
I put in a call to my neurologist to look into Tysabri as a new treatment option for me (I'm taking Copaxone now). The promise of a stop to the progression is too much not to at least look into. My wife and I are worried about PML of course but the risk seems quite small and the payoff quite large. I feel compelled to look into it anyway.
At church it seemed everything was directed to me. Speakers spoke on the importance and power of prayer. There are three possible outcomes - yes (feels right), no (feels confused) and no answer yet. Everyone agrees that the last is the hardest but one speaker spoke about how not yet really is not yet and that if you go forward with what you think is best, God won't let you go too far before telling you that your chosen course is either right or wrong. Mens group talked about the importance of faith and how it is by doing that we receive confirmation that something is right or wrong. I feel in more than one area that I should go forward with my best guess at what is right and then see.
Today was our kids first day of summer school. My wife and I took a walk together after she came home. It will be a real treat to be able to take a walk together each day before work and after the kids are off. It think exercise is critical to doing better with MS and I'm overjoyed to have a chance to do it with my wife. Hopefully we can have some good talks and also some good exercise. I'm hopeful about the future today.

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Zee said...

My neurologist nearly had a conniption when I asked about going on Tysabri... I'm mentioning it just so you're prepared in case yours has a freak-out too, particularly given how well you are doing with the Copaxone. My doc is of the opinion that Tysabri is ONLY for those who've tried the other drugs and they don't work or can't be tolerated (e.g. a second line drug). I'm not exactly in agreement with him but I think there's a balance between listening to your neuro, listening to your gut and evaluating options based on your current experience with your disease...

Anyway, thanks for swinging by my blog! Good to "get to know you" a bit and best of luck on your journey.